I would like to thank you again for booking your cake smash session with Pamela Gwen Photography! I'm sure it shows, but cake smash sessions are my favorite! Here are a few helpful tips and tricks to make sure that your cake smash session goes smoothly! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

  • Be sure that our session time is scheduled to avoid nap time. If your child's nap time changes, please let me know so that we can adjust your session time accordingly.

  • I recommend practicing prior to your session. Try giving your baby cupcakes and/or mashed potatoes so they not only get used to the taste but the texture and feeling on their hands!

  • Bring puffs, yogurt bites, cereal or some type of snack that baby likes. It is usually helpful to keep baby happy but also to put on the cake to get baby interested. I do keep small snacks in the studio as well.

  • Be sure to bring a bottle or sippy cup. Eating cake tends to make babies thirsty and them having a drink usually makes a big difference.

  • Do not forget to bring a towel for clean up after the splash bath. I do not keep towels at the studio.

  • Make sure that you bring an extra bag to put your dirty outfit in after the cake smash.

  • Someone other than baby usually gets dirty! Baby may want to be picked up at some point during your session, so either mom or dad should be prepared to get dirty if needed!

  • While it can be helpful to dance, sing or have toys while trying to keep baby's attention, please keep in mind that if baby is looking off camera (to my left or right), they will also be looking off camera in your photos.

  • Keep in mind that it may take your baby some time to get comfortable in the studio! Just remember to stay relaxed and have patience. Babies can pick up on stress/anxiety, so the more relaxed you are, the better.