Within this guide, you will find info on what to wear, what to expect and how to prepare for your session as well as tips on things to avoid!


Start planning your outfits as soon as you book your session, but get dressed at the last possible second to avoid any stains, wrinkles, etc. That being said, you should try your outfits on several times before the day of your session. You don't want to put your outfits on for the first time an hour before your session only to find that things are too big, too small or are not comfortable.


An adequate nap and a good night of sleep makes for happier and more cooperative children. Most husbands don’t enjoy the session process, so make sure to reassure him other that the quicker he cooperates, the quicker the session will be over! I work very efficiently, so sessions are not drug out time wise!


Arrive about 10-15 minutes early to allow yourself plenty of time to deal with last minute issues (such as wiping mouths and noses). This will also give you time to give your party a last minute look over and a bathroom run if needed.


You and your family are creating memories that will last a life time. It is easy to focus on the end result, but be sure to encourage everyone to be in the moment and enjoy themselves.